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A successful work-from-home strategy requires superior technology. Here’s what your remote team needs.

Learn seven strategies for remote team building in modern accounting firms, from open communication to virtual team-building activities.

Remote work wasn’t just a pandemic-era trend. It’s here to stay. Employees love the improved work-life balance it offers, and employers like the cost savings and reduced turnover. Remote work…

A Few Weeks Ago, I Participated in the CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) Forum. The CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) “is a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to…

From cloud security thwarting attacks to profiting from a flood—our October wrap-up has it all. Learn how cloud technology protects accounting firms from natural disasters, cyber threats and more. Enter if you dare!

What does the future of remote work look like? It’s murky at best, but there’s one thing we know: No matter where a firm workplace is, the work needs aren’t changing. Learn how Cloud Premier helps firms work securely—wherever the office is—today.

What’s even scarier than someone hacking just “because”? When that someone is a someone you trust—and possibly even hired—at work. In this post, we’ll be easin’ into spooky season with a wrap-up of advice about protecting your firm from external and internal threats.

It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against WFH. The recent uptick in positive cases may cause another shutdown and you need to be prepared. In this post, we’ll cover the remote access technologies keeping employees accountable and employers satisfied.

The accounting blog surveyors are surveying; the data is pouring in. Leaders are beginning to make decisions about whether or not they will allow employees to choose their own schedules or continue to work from home. Dive into the statistics here.

Remember when our idea of a “mobile phone” meant attaching a 12-foot coiled cord to a landline? Internal office communications have evolved from memos and meetings, to phone calls and email, to instant messaging and video chat. Depending on when you entered the firm you probably have a preferred prioritization of how you individually communicate best. But in many cases, a firm’s communication prioritization is built around the “cultural norm” promoted by its leaders.

Allowing firm members to work remotely can increase morale, improve productivity and boost employee retention, especially among Millennial staff focused on quality-of-life concerns. When it comes to recruiting, firms that…

Rightworks was in Ft. Lauderdale this week!  Not for a “Spring Break” but for a “Tax Break” at the National Tax Practice Institute put on by the National Association of…