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Boost efficiency. Balance workload. Grow your profits. With Rightworks Academy, you have a proven path for elevating your firm’s success—complete with a tailored playbook that guides you through the accounting firm strategies of The Modern Firm®.

Get smart about your business

Wouldn’t you love to build a firm with ideal clients, a holistic approach to cybersecurity and team members who love their jobs?

Then build a high-performing, profitable and sustainable practice with our smart management series—all built upon the foundation of the four pillars of The Modern Firm®.

Learn more about each pillar below.

Smart Firm Management

Develop a business model that streamlines automated workflows across departments and roles; enhance broad practice management and market presence.

  • Implement processes and the tech stack needed to run your business efficiently.
  • Leverage data to proactively offer productized, higher-value advisory services.
  • Build a marketing and sales program that attracts the right clients and wins their business.
  • Offer a website platform that allows clients to conduct business with your firm online.
Smart Firm Management

Smart Client Management

Build a roster of ideal clients, enjoy recurring revenue via higher-value advisory services and balance workloads to create a sustainable work environment. 

  • Identify the ideal clients you love to serve.
  • Provide a rich client experience, with streamlined onboarding and timely communications.
  • Proactively provide the services necessary for your client’s success.
Smart Client Management

Smart Security Management

Safeguard business-critical data with a holistic approach that protects your firm from the ever-present threat of cybercriminals. 

  • Secure business-critical applications in the cloud to prevent unauthorized access to work devices.
  • Offer ongoing security training for staff to minimize the risk of human error.
Smart Security Management

Smart Team Management

Create a healthy and sustainable firm culture and gain operational efficiency, reduce staff challenges and improve client experience. 

  • Create a work environment that gives you an edge in recruiting and retaining the best talent.
  • Leverage technologies and tools to develop a modern and enjoyable work environment.
Smart Team Management

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