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At Rightworks, our mission is to empower customers and bolster confidence along the path to building a highly profitable, sustainable business.

Learn how your peers have significantly increased productivity, scaled their businesses, maintained and attracted qualified staff, and achieved a healthy and happy workforce by using our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, on-tap expertise, extensive resources and established community.

Latest customer stories

The Pagura Company faced cyberattacks where an impersonator tricked them into sending money. Traditional cybersecurity tools failed to help. Turning to Rightworks, they found a reliable solution, preventing further attacks and providing peace of mind.

Richard Kehoe is a sole proprietor who runs a firm out of Maui, Hawaii, but who also works remotely from Reno, Nevada. When running an in-office server located in Maui became too difficult, he moved his operation to the cloud and relieved stress while increasing profitability.

Greg Cole, President and Founding Member of Cole & Company, CPA, has been a Rightworks Academy member for over a decade. As a father of 3 and an avid basketball…

When a managed IT partner suddenly changed its tune, music-focused accounting firm Friedman Kannenberg & Company, P.C. kept rocking and cranked up performance and support with Firm Premier from Rightworks.

Bateman Accounting had its data stored on a local network computer with virtually no cybersecurity in place. After realizing the need for a higher level of security, the firm turned to Rightworks.

RLJ Financial Services was looking for a solution that would enable the firm to manage client files securely, quickly and easily. Caleb Jenkins, Leader of Client Accounting Services for RLJ, explains how his team now uses Rightworks and SmartVault Accounting Pro to access data conveniently and securely.

Mary Harsch had seen enough. The principal and founder of Harsch Business Services, a five-person accounting and business consulting firm based in Ohio, had a client whose security application made critical files difficult to access. Harsch would have to log into the application and find files for her client—but only when the client herself wasn’t on her computer.

The value of coaching with no expiration date Energized by his new role as managing partner and with a clear focus on fully implementing the Rightworks Academy business model, Dylan…

A little preparation helps open the flood gates to success Stroud was thoughtful in launching the firm’s Audit Assurance and Identity Theft Protection service to his client base. He understood…