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Latest customer stories

Acru Solutions found that building and maintaining its own QuickBooks hosting environment was more trouble than it was worth. Employees at the Denver-based firm were caught up in dealing with IT problems rather than having time to do their jobs. Kevin Meurer explains why Acru turned to Rightworks for QuickBooks hosting and how the firm has benefitted from the move.

Jeff Siegel is the owner of Siegel Solutions, an 11-person firm that provides outsourced bookkeeping solutions using QuickBooks Desktop to over 300 clients. Jeff knows what it takes to grow a business: efficiency of scale, real-time insights that build strong customer relationships, and a secure data environment. He gets all three with Rightworks.

Faced with a difficult data migration project, Kim Mallard turned to Transaction Pro. With some help from a dedicated Transaction Pro expert, she migrated all of the data stored in QuickBooks Online Simple Start to QuickBooks Online Accountant in about four hours.

Alarmed by a sharp increase in cybercrime incidents nationwide, accounting firm Hannis T. Bourgeois wanted to bolster security so principles and employees alike could sleep better at night. The firm turned to multi-factor authentication through Rightworks.

Faced with an expiring lease and a stay-at-home order during COVID-19, the employees at Harry K. Jeung CPA had a choice: keep paying for a physical office and server or go remote full-time and move to the cloud. Here’s how the firm made a successful cloud transition.

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston in 2017, it left Cassie Grooms and Houston-based accounting firm with a major problem. The storm knocked out power to the firm’s headquarters on the 18th floor of a building that was also flooded. Unable to rebuild its technology infrastructure, Spain Price Reader & Thompson turned to Cloud Premier from Rightworks. Grooms explains the rest.

After 15 years of running an in-house server, Dida Clifton and the staff at The Office Squad, a Las Vegas-based company that handles bookkeeping and many other back-office operations for small businesses, got tired of having to deal with technology issues in-house. So, The Office Squad turned to Rightworks. Find out what happened.

Reducing the IT Burden For more than 45 years Tampa-based PDR CPAs & Advisors has provided comprehensive accounting, tax, audit and business consulting services to entrepreneurs, privately-owned businesses, charity organizations…

Elliott Davis was seeking a platform that could deliver the power of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to their clients with the anytime/anywhere access they want and the security they need. They found it with Rightworks. Learn how they were able to streamline workflows, collaborate more effectively and empower clients in the process.