Customer Story

Harry K. Jeung, CPA

Faced with an expiring lease and a stay-at-home order during COVID-19, the employees at Harry K. Jeung CPA had a choice: keep paying for a physical office and server or go remote full-time and move to the cloud. Here’s how the firm made a successful cloud transition.

“I had one day scheduled for the transition, someone from Rightworks called me. I didn’t do anything. He remotely accessed my computer and did the whole setup. It was very easy to use. I didn’t have any issues or complaints.”

Harry Jeung success story


The Company

For more than 30 years, the office of Harry K. Jeung, CPA, has provided accounting, tax preparation and bookkeeping services to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Challenge

Months after the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees to work at home in March 2020, the firm faced a choice. In January 2021, the firm’s lease on its Burlingame office was due to expire. Jay Park, who manages operations for the firm, said the company decided not to renew the lease and instead told all eight of the firm’s employees to work from home permanently. There was one problem: employees were using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect remotely to a server hosted in the firm’s office. Without an office, there would be no server. Employees needed a way to work both collaboratively and securely without disrupting the firm’s business.

The Solution

Park and his colleagues turned to Rightworks. The transition was exactly how the firm needed it to be: quick and smooth, with no disruption to the business. Park worked on other projects while a Rightworks technician moved files into the cloud in the background. Within a couple of hours, the office of Harry K. Jeung, CPA, was up and running in the cloud.

Why Rightworks?

Park received a hosting offer from Lacerte via email and took advantage of it: “We weren’t looking for any of the other hosting services since Lacerte uses Rightworks,” he says.

The Impact

The primary benefit Park has experienced has simply been the ability to shut down a physical office and jettison a VPN without disrupting the firm’s activities, which was exactly what he was seeking when he moved to Rightworks. But beyond that, Park’s firm has enjoyed two other big advantages. One is security: “I’ve been hearing a lot that security for CPA firms is important because we have a lot of confidential data.” he says. “When we considered switching to Rightworks hosting, security was one of the factors. Rightworks offers a lot of security measures.” Excellent customer support has proven to be another big benefit: “When I need something, if it takes too long, it’s frustrating,” Park says. “With Rightworks, whenever I have questions, everyone responds very quickly. The support team is great!”