October: Cyber Crime, Data Protection and Weather Profiting

From cloud security thwarting attacks to profiting from a flood—our October wrap-up has it all. Learn how cloud technology protects accounting firms from natural disasters, cyber threats and more. Enter if you dare!

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


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October Wrap-Up

How was your cybersecurity awareness month? Did spooky articles guide you towards actually changing that password you’ve been meaning to change? Or are you still using the same six-character-with-number-and-symbol that you’ve had memorized since 2004? (Your secret is safe with us.)

Well, we get it: Cybersecurity isn’t what accountants are focused on for most of October. As soon as the September 15 deadline flashes by, the October 15 deadline creeps up. And THEN: You’re gearing up for year-end planning and before you know it, TAX SEASON?!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Instead of dwelling on the plethora of deadlines that fall right around an already very busy holiday season—let’s get right into the important stuff from last month. Keep reading for advice about safeguarding data from disasters, cloud security and more.

Protect Your Business Against A Ransomware Attack

What is ransomware? By now if you’re running a business – big or small – you’re well aware of ransomware. You’ve heard of the airports, transportation systems, utilities and hotels that have been attacked. You’re aware…

3 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud (and How I Profited From a Flood)

After a flood wrecked my business’s server (and my rugs) – I was able to profit. How? By migrating my QuickBooks Desktop, accounting applications, and all the critical data stored within those programs to the cloud. Get the full story here.

The “Great American Office” in a Post-Pandemic World

What does the future of remote work look like? It’s murky at best, but there’s one thing we know: No matter where a firm workplace is, the work needs aren’t changing. Learn how Cloud Premier helps firms work securely—wherever the office is—today.

AICPA Fall Council Meeting Highlights

Every May and October, CPAs from across the United States gather in-person to review some of the biggest topics facing accounting and tax professionals. Get Director of Technology Strategy Roman Kepczyk’s key takeaways from the Fall session, here.

Scary Cybersecurity Facts (and How to Thwart Attacks)

These days, cyber attacks can be initiated via click, open, or even by pressing “play.” How is anyone supposed to stay safe? Get our cybersecurity tips and start protecting your business today.

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