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A disaster can occur when you least expect it. Be prepared by creating a disaster recovery plan for your business. Start here.

As a cloud solutions provider, we understand the importance of having robust backup solutions in place to protect our clients’ data. This is especially true for those using SaaS (Software…

Firms don’t often see disasters coming  What would happen to your business operations if the power went out? Would you be able to move elsewhere and continue to run your…

Disaster Recovery Doesn’t Seem Important…Until It Suddenly Is Deadly floods have ravaged eastern Kentucky in recent weeks, destroying homes and businesses and causing dozens of deaths. While there’s obviously no…

Backup Security Removes the “Uh-Oh” Factor Before using backup security, a lot of people had “that story.” You know, the one where you work tirelessly for hours over a document…only…

The threat of a natural disaster, theft, or especially a cyber-attack impacting the information assets and technology within accounting firms has never been as high as it is now, making backups and disaster recovery a priority. Learn how to create your plan, here.

What if your computer or server won’t turn back on, and critical client or customer data was erased? That all-too-common “what if?” scenario can shut down a business for good…unless there is a disaster recovery plan in place. Learn how to build yours in one step.

There are six steps to creating an effective data breach response plan. Do you know what they are? Get help creating your framework here.

Tax season 2024: It’s here. Learn how to keep the cyber bandits at bay with seven of our best security tips for accounting professionals.