Unleash the power of SmartVault’s client portal for seamless collaboration

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5 ways SmartVault’s client portal leads to better collaboration

unleash the power of collaboration

With SmartVault’s client portal, you can easily—and securely—share documents between you, your staff and your clients. Does it save time and improve collaboration? Why, yes, it does.

Make document collection, management and storage simple and secure with SmartVault Accounting Pro—the leading document management system built for accountants by accountants.

Learn the five ways SmartVault’s client portal leads to better collaboration on our latest ebook:

  1. Secure filing sharing – it’s time to move away from risky attachments.
  2. Document version control – Keeping track of document versions can be challenging, especially when collaborating with multiple people.
  3. Digital signatures – Are you still printing, signing and scanning documents (or requiring your clients to)?
  4. Customization – SmartVault lets you create a customized folder structure that aligns with your specific accounting practice needs.
  5. Mobile accessibility – We live in a fast-paced world where people expect 24/7 access.