Accounting technology trends for 2024 and beyond

From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, accounting technology is in a place that’s both exciting and confusing. Here are reasons to be optimistic.

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Technology trends in accounting are both scary and exciting.

Accounting technology trends for 2024

Right now, the accounting technology landscape offers equal parts uncertainty and promise. Nobody in the profession is quite sure of the impact artificial intelligence will have. Cybersecurity remains a preoccupation. At the same time, emerging applications are enabling firms to run more efficiently, develop new client services, and even recruit and retain employees. What can firm leaders do now to take advantage of technology while also easing their fears about it?

Read this guide to learn:

  • How AI will impact the accounting profession and what firms should do with it.
  • Why accounting firms and their clients need to address their technology setups now.
  • How firms can take advantage of technology positives and avoid negatives.