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Last Updated November 1, 2023

2023 inspire conference


If you’ve been a Rootworks member for quite some time now, you may already know this…but the much-anticipated, pinnacle, end-of-year 2023 Inspire conference is coming up. And it’s coming up fast!

Each year, you look forward to a stellar lineup of thought leaders, groundbreaking content, and opportunities to connect and network with like-minded Rootworks members. This year is no different. In November, we’ll head back to the beautiful beaches of Sarasota, Florida, for three days of action-packed funtivities (and we’ll learn a few things, too).

This year, we’re excited to spend time with firm owners, leaders and partners to help you create an actionable strategy to take the reins of 2024 and beyond. That’s why we’re focused on three main objectives this time around. So, let’s talk about the type of content you can expect.

Amplifying your leadership skills

Our Empower conference focused on staff members from all levels of your firm. So, the 2023 Inspire conference is geared toward firm owners, leaders and partners. Our goal is to give leadership a look into the future to stay ahead of upcoming trends. We’ll crack open The Modern Firm® playbook to help you create an action plan to become a modern firm.

We’ll also dive into the four smart pillars that support today’s progressive, modern accounting firm: Smart Firm Management, Smart Team Management, Smart Client Management and Smart Security Management. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies you can implement in your firm right away.

“I truly felt inspired to change the way I do business. This was the first in-person event our firm has been involved in [this] year. Meeting other like-minded owners really makes you feel like you aren’t alone out there. I made some real connections that will be helpful in the future.” – Gwen Hodges, Partner, James A. Lucas and Company, LLC 

Use the power of AI in your firm

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an undeniable reality in the accounting profession, and we’re here to embrace it. After all, AI isn’t here to take away your job—it’s here to make it better. That’s why the Inspire 2023 conference will have sessions designed to demystify AI. We’ll show you how it can streamline your processes, enhance decision-making and give you more time for the tasks that truly require your expertise.

“We were able to pull together some additional apps and processes by meeting other firms and finding out how they are doing some of the same things that we are—only better.” – Jeff Liebig, Partner, Douglass + Liebig Inc. CPAs 

Gather data proactively

The biggest difference we see in firms that are proactive vs. reactive is—you guessed it—data. That’s why one of the main focuses of the 2023 Inspire conference is to help you proactively gather and leverage the data you already have.

Gathering the right data starts with building the right tech stack. Not only does the right tech stack help streamline processes throughout your firm, but it also does the heavy lifting of gathering—and maintaining—data. We’ll show you how applications like Insights can take your data and give you the information you need to proactively serve your ideal clients. And create the modern firm you’ve always wanted.

“Great content, great people and real stuff to help you get to the firm you want for your life.” – Rhett Butler, Principal and Founder, Butler & Miller, CPA 

Register for the 2023 Inspire conference

If these topics haven’t quite inspired you yet, let’s talk about CPE. Yes, that’s right. You’ll earn up to 10 hours of CPE throughout the event. Take the opportunity to join us in Florida at the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, November 28-30, 2023. You’ll get to mingle, brainstorm and share insights with other like-minded professionals in the Rootworks member community.

But don’t just take my word for it…

“I had attended other Rootworks events, but never Inspire.  This event was not only informative and inspiring but also first-class in its facilities, food, swag and events. I’ll definitely attend again in future years.” – Denise Nelson, Partner, Accounting Plus 

Get ready to challenge the status quo, disrupt the norm and shape the future of accounting. Register for the 2023 Inspire conference today! 

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