5 best document management tools to increase efficiency

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Last Updated October 27, 2023

Best Document Management Tools


Document management is a lot more than just storage. In fact, document management tools can transform your accounting firm in ways you might not realize. What can your firm do with the right app running in the cloud?

What document management tools in the cloud can do for you

  1. Establish streamlined workflows: What does this mean, exactly? Your employees can access client data at any time and from anywhere. With the apps, you can easily create processes by which your employees complete certain tasks and keep those processes consistent across your client base. There’s no confusion about who does what, when or for which client. It’s all in the system.
  2. Improve client service: Document management tools give you a central place to store and access all of your clients’ critical data. You can make your clients’ information easily available to them around the clock and from any location in a secure online environment. Plus, if a client does surprise you with a question or request for a document, you can quickly and easily find what you need. There’s no need to scramble through paper files or desperately search through your hard drive.
  3. Boost data security and backup: Apps that handle document management provide a secure environment on top of the security a cloud provider offers. You can control who sees which documents. As such, you can make sure clients only see their data. You can also ensure that employees only have access to information about clients they serve. Plus, document management tools provide backup for your data and serve as a place where you can access data recovered after a disaster.

The best cloud-based document management tools

The above are just a few advantages of using document management tools. Now, you need to make a decision on which app you want to run. All of the applications in this list run in the Right Networks hosted environment.

No. 1: SmartVault Accounting Pro

Designed by and for accountants, SmartVault provides document backup and storage and much more.

SmartVault works with your existing apps and integrates with Lacerte®, ProSeries®, UltraTax, CCH®, Drake and DocuSign, among other applications. With SmartVault, you can:

  • Boost efficiency by implementing repeatable workflows for projects.
  • Easily and securely share documents with clients in a firm-branded online environment.
  • Simplify document requests from clients and improve response time.
  • Quickly and easily capture client signatures.

No. 2: Neat

With Neat, you can easily manage documents and improve collaboration with your clients. Use this document management app to:

  • Track and manage business expenses with unlimited storage and searchable folders.
  • Organize, keyword search and back up documents.
  • Access scanned documents securely from anywhere.
  • Extract key data from documents to enhance financial workflows.

No. 3: Dext

Dext offers applications that execute automatic data extraction and help firms practice quality control with their clients’ data. The company’s document management functionality enables firms to:

  • Create repeatable and efficient workflows and assign tasks to employees.
  • Integrate Dext with both Xero and QuickBooks® Online, with Dext updating data daily.
  • See all the metrics you need in an activity dashboard.

No. 4: Personable SourceLink

SourceLink from Personable offers document management tools for QuickBooks with no internet storage, no internet dependency and no monthly fees. With SourceLink Management edition, you can:

  • Automatically sync between SourceLink Toolbar and QuickBooks.
  • Stop unauthorized QuickBooks transactions.
  • Set up multilevel approvals with conditions.
  • Stop disapproved bill and bill payment checks from processing.

No. 5: Plate IQ

Plate IQ offers accounts payable automation, perhaps more suited for the accounting department at a firm’s client than for the firm itself. This app also streamlines workflows and eliminates manual accounting processes. It helps users:

  • Digitize invoices automatically with artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning.
  • Schedule payments via check, ACH or Plate IQ vCard and earn cash back.
  • Replace paper checks with virtual cards for faster, safer payments.
  • Make every invoice searchable and secure in a digital filing cabinet.

Make document management easier and more secure with Right Networks and SmartVault. Learn more about our partnership.

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