The 5 best podcasts for small business professionals to listen to right now

Unleash your potential with these five small business podcasts tailored for professionals. Get ready to be motivated and inspired!

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Last Updated June 25, 2024

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The business world is constantly changing. And staying ahead of the curve can be tough. Who has time to keep up with new business trends or must-have apps? When you’re at work, you’re…well, working. And the last thing you want to do after work is more work. 

But what if there was a way you could keep your work-life balance and learn about what’s trending at the same time? 

Well, there is. You can do this by tuning in to small business podcasts! You can listen to them on your own time, whether walking during your lunch hour, driving your children to their extracurricular activities or running errands. Podcasts offer a simple way to consume content when it’s convenient for you. 

Here’s a list of five must-listen podcasts every small business professional should tune into. 

GaryVee Audio Experience 

An image of the GaryVee Audio Experience podcast.

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk 

Why you should listen: If you’re looking for a motivational boost, this is the small business podcast for you. Gary offers listeners tips and insights on a wide range of business, marketing and technology topics. Hear blunt and honest advice, information, and inspiration through a combination of keynote speeches, interviews, chats and more. 

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify 

How I Built This 

An image of the How I Built This with Guy Raz podcast.

Host: Guy Raz 

Why you should listen: In this NPR podcast, Guy interviews innovators and entrepreneurs from today’s most prominent companies (think Whole Foods, Airbnb and Instagram) to uncover the stories behind their success. While it’s technically not a small business podcast, you’ll find a wealth of information as you hear about the struggles and triumphs of these entrepreneurs. 

Where to listen: Wondery | Apple Podcasts 

The Pitch 

An image of The Pitch podcast.

Host: Josh Muccio 

Why you should listen: Launched in 2015, this small business podcast gives listeners access to the behind-closed-doors business happenings into what it takes to build a startup. You’ll get to listen to the questions investors ask and the feedback they provide to help you refine your own business, identify your target market and craft a compelling pitch. 

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify 

The Business of a Story 

An image of The Business of Story podcast.

Host: Park Howell 

Why you should listen: Storytelling is a powerful tool in business, and it’s something you should use to grow your brand. Park offers practical tips on creating compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. Tune in to this small business podcast to hear interviews with experts who share their effective storytelling strategies. 

Where to listen: Spotify | Amazon Music 

H2: Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran 

An image of the Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran podcast.

Host: Barbara Corcoran 

Why you should listen: In her small business podcast, successful entrepreneur and investor on Shark Tank Barbara Corcoran provides advice, tips and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Listeners call in, and she answers their questions on a myriad of topics, from starting and growing a business to maintaining the right mindset for success. 

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts | iHeart 

“Alexa, play my favorite small business podcasts” 

Podcasts can offer a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and practical advice to help you on your small business journey. With this in mind, tune in to these shows to gain insights from industry experts, learn new strategies and stay motivated—on your own time.

If you’re looking for accounting-related podcasts, check out The Modern Firm® podcast with Darren Root and John Mitchell. Or see our podcasts for accounting professionals blog for more recommendations. 

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