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When I’m not working, you can find me petting my two cats, enjoying Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, listening to paranormal podcasts, playing video games, or crying because my favorite Great British Bake-Off contestant was just voted off.

At work, you’ll find me writing how-to guides. If I was given a guide on how to make a PB&J sandwich, I’m the type of person who needs the first step to be: get a jar of peanut butter and open the lid. My passion is creating guides that inform and illustrate every step of the way (and sneaking references into screenshots)!

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One of the most useful tools in QuickBooks is the ability to email attachments easily and seamlessly to customers and coworkers alike. Don’t know how to send attachments from QuickBooks? Learn how here.

Productivity Applications to Fit Every Need Nowadays, there are cloud-hosted applications for everything. You can start your car, set budgets, entertain your cat and so much more with just an…

In my last article, I showed you how to attach and send files, but there is so much more you can do—such as emailing sales forms, invoices, statements, and more—all right within QuickBooks. Today, I would like to go back to basics and show you how QuickBooks Desktop users can access and retrieve emails sent from QuickBooks.