3 Ways Document Management Tools Increase Client Collaboration

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Last Updated May 4, 2023


Learn how to choose a paperless document management system that supports your digital workflows. 

Manual workflows, repetitive tasks and keeping up with hardcopy paperwork just don’t make sense anymore. Our culture has gone digital, and companies that have yet to make the switch to paperless document management—whether they’re a mom-and-pop business, a Fortune 500 company or somewhere in between—are going to get left behind. 

Software can help make the transition to paperless seamless. Here are three ways a paperless document management system can benefit your business. 

1. Paperless Document Management Software Improves Workflow 

How many times have you found yourself requesting or sending the same document to your clients over and over again? It’s frustrating—not only for you and your staff but also for your clients. 

A powerful paperless document management system can enable you to send clients—whether it’s one, twenty or a thousand—an email requesting exactly what you need. Clients can then securely upload the requested documents entirely online.  

The process is further streamlined with an integrated document management system and client portal that sends you notifications when clients complete requests. This means no more printing and scanning documents, wasting time playing phone tag or chasing down emails. This all leads to a better experience for yourself, staff and clients. 

2. Going Paperless Makes It Easier for Staff and Clients to Work Together 

“I never received that document. Can you just resend it?” 

How many times have you received a client request like that, even though you know you sent the document via email a few days ago? Perhaps it’s in their spam, or maybe they just overlooked it.    

Imagine how much easier—and faster—you could work if clients could access everything they need on demand without asking for your assistance. You’ll also find this leads to happier clients and increased success. 

And it’s not just about clients. As a business, you also must keep your staff productive and happy. 

By using paperless document management software, staff can take better ownership of tasks because they’ll know exactly where documents are located and if there are any outstanding requests or action items. 

3. Paperless Document Management Keeps Data More Secure 

Your clients trust you with their most personal information, and you’re obligated to protect it. With cyberattacks happening more frequently than ever before, protecting your business and client data is a large obligation to meet—but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

With paperless document management software that’s in the cloud, your data is encrypted—which means it’s scrambled and unreadable during transit and while at rest. You can also control who accesses each piece of data. Approved users must verify their identity via two-factor authentication to access it.  

When you use a secure online document management system, you can also see exactly what’s happening, like who created, accessed, downloaded and deleted documents. And automatic data backups mean you won’t lose anything to natural disasters, power failures or human error.  

SmartVault Accounting Pro + Right Networks 

When you combine SmartVault Accounting Pro with Right Networks, you have everything you need to run your accounting practice in the cloud—securely, easily and efficiently. SmartVault’s document management tools seamlessly adapt to the workflows you already have, integrating with Lacerte®, ProSeries®, DocuSign and more, so you can easily share critical documents with your team, vendors and clients—anywhere, anytime. Maintain peace of mind knowing you’re working in the Right Networks secure cloud environment with security patches and updates handled by our team.  

“Stringent processes for security data are key, but we also need to easily access our data. You think of either security or convenience being possible…but there’s an easy way to do both: Combine software together in a cloud environment. You can access data conveniently and simply—but in a secure manner.” 

– Caleb Jenkins, Leader of Client Accounting Services, RLJ Financial Services 

To learn more about how SmartVault can help you achieve smoother tax seasons, enhanced collaboration and seamless integration—all with the protection that comes with being in the Right Networks cloud—get started online today.  

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