Secure Document Sharing: The Benefits of SmartVault

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


On December 5, Right Networks and SmartVault launched a partnership that increases the availability and affordability of SmartVault Accounting Pro to Right Networks customers. SmartVault is a document management software that makes document collection, organization and storage easy and secure for firms and their clients!

How will this benefit accounting firms that use Right Networks?

Lynn Gallin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Right Networks, tells us more about the partnership and how firms can benefit from an effective workflow document management solution.

Q: What is SmartVault Accounting Pro?

A: SmartVault Accounting Pro is a workflow solution that makes it easy for a firm to securely collect, manage, prepare and share firm, business and client documents with a single integrated document management and client portal solution. Customers using SmartVault in the Right Networks cloud also benefit from the automated security patches and updates that are handled by Right Networks.

Q: Why Did Right Networks Launch this Partnership?

A: At Right Networks, we focus on providing value to our accounting firms. They use the Right Networks platform to improve collaboration, secure valuable data and run a higher-performing business. SmartVault’s Accounting Pro plan gives firms an easy way to share files and collaborate securely—both internally and externally. It also increases workflow efficiency with a leading document management system for accountants. Productivity tools are key for firms, and this is a critical one that saves firms a lot of time…and headaches.

Q: There are Other Document Management Systems Available—What Sets SmartVault Apart from the Rest?

A: First, it’s the focus on accounting firms. SmartVault Accounting Pro is built for accountants, by accountants. There are forms and workflows specifically for accounting firms—designed for tax season. So you save time when you need it most. SmartVault works with many tax hosting platforms including Lacerte and ProSeries. With the Connected Desktop feature, you can seamlessly sync SmartVault with the platform you use. This instantly makes your workflows more efficient.

Q: Why do Firms Need Document Management Software?

A: When an accounting firm uses document management software, they can standardize their workflows, so no matter who in a firm is requesting and receiving documents, they follow the same streamlined path. Instead of using email to route documents, a document management system like SmartVault paired with Right Networks gives you a secure way to request, store and share files without having to go to multiple internal sources or open yourself up to cyberthreats.

From an efficiency standpoint, tools like SmartVault help you request files and alert you when you have everything you need. When a client requests a file, a document management system makes it easy to find and share that file instantly. So you’re always delivering the best possible service to your clients while saving your firm valuable time. In fact, SmartVault users report saving an average of 10-15 minutes per tax return during tax season.

Q: How Can a Right Networks Customer Get SmartVault for Their Firm?

A: To start using SmartVault, give our team a call at 888.245.0292. Get a demo and see how it can work for your firm.

Learn more about the partnership and how you can get started, here.

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