2023 Accounting New Year’s Resolutions

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Last Updated December 29, 2022

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It’s that time of year to create your accounting New Year’s resolutions for 2023! What should be at the top of your list for the new year? Outsource more tasks.

You have a lot to think about already: serving clients, recruiting and retaining employees, and getting ready for another tax season. You don’t need to spend time worrying about tasks that don’t fall into your core area of business. So, what should you do about getting those tasks done? Can’t someone else do it? 

The answer is an emphatic yes, and with the right partner in place, your plan to outsource necessary but sometimes painful tasks will result in increased efficiency, tightened security and a happier staff. Here are a few things you can let someone else do in 2023: 

#1: Automate Manual Accounting Tasks

Accounting automation isn’t your enemy. It’s not a job stealer. In fact, it can very much be your friend. 

With the right tools and services, you can automate all sorts of relatively menial tasks. There are a few great places to start: expense management (with Expensify), payroll (with ADP), bank reconciliation (with QuickBooks® Desktop hosted in the cloud), accounts receivable (also with QuickBooks) and financial reporting (with Rootworks Insights).  

Automate at your own pace. Take one or two tasks that give you the most trouble, and try moving them to an automated process. Or jump in all at once—either way, you’ll relieve yourself and your employees of the pain of performing manual tasks, and you’ll reduce errors and speed client service at the same time.  

#2: Stop Maintaining a Server

Do you still have a server in your office? It’s a pain to maintain, isn’t it? Not only is it constantly in need of patches and updates, it sits in physical danger if your office should suffer a fire or a flood. With cybersecurity a constant concern and phishing-attack attempts becoming ever more frequent, that box in your office is really just a disaster waiting to happen. 

Add to your list of accounting New Year’s resolutions for 2023 – stop trying to manage the server yourself. Move the applications you run on that server to the cloud, and let a cloud provider like Right Networks handle the chore of keeping your data safe and available. When you run QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud, you and your employees can securely use it from anywhere and at any time. And you can use hundreds of hosted applications along with it. 

When outsourcing app hosting, you don’t have to worry about server maintenance, cybersecurity or what would happen if the office above yours had a leak and your ceiling caved in from a deluge of water. All you have to worry about is running your firm.  

#3: Manage Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, and your firm—along with virtually every other business—is a target. The number of phishing attempts jumped more than 60 percent in 2022 after rising almost 70% in 2021. With 80,000 malicious URLs launched every day, one of them will eventually have your firm’s name on it. 

Nothing will wreck your firm faster than a data breach. The cost for a typical small firm to recover from a cyberattack is between $170,000 and $300,000. Managing security cannot be an afterthought, and it’s too complex for a non-expert to try to handle. Effective cybersecurity requires round-the-clock monitoring and updates that no accounting firm could or should try to take on alone. 

The right security partner can safeguard your devices, stop the damage done by a cyberattack before it starts and even train your employees to avoid phishing schemes. Right Networks offers a holistic, managed approach to managing cybersecurity for firms that includes device protection and training for employees.  

Let 2023 Be the Year You Do Less 

So, as make sure you add automation to the top of your accounting New Year’s resolutions for 2023 list. When you’re dealing with a task that’s not at the heart of what you do as an accountant, ask yourself: Can’t someone else do it? If you’re talking about automation, cloud hosting and security, the answer is absolutely yes. Someone else can do it, and someone else should—so you can focus on what you do best. 

If you’re interested in learning more about automation, here is a collection of our top automated accounting resources.

Ready for someone else to take on tasks you’d rather not tackle? Contact Right Networks today.  

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