Sharing your firm’s culture on social media: Tips and perks

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Last Updated October 25, 2023

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Wondering how to let the world in on your awesome firm culture? We’ve got your back.

Sharing your work vibe on social media isn’t just about cool pics—it’s a way to amp up your brand, hook in followers and attract top talent.

Social media tips

Check out these quick tips for mastering the culture-sharing game and reaping those business benefits.

  • Keep it real. First things first: Keep it authentic. Show what’s cooking behind the scenes—your team, the daily hustle and those moments that shout your values.
  • Spin a story. Everyone loves a good story. Share wins, team hangouts and even the little battles you’ve conquered. Stories make your brand more relatable and draw connections in.
  • Lights, camera, action. Facebook videos or Instagram reels are gold for culture sharing—your culture’s BFF, if you will. Take followers on a tour, share employee shoutouts or tease upcoming events.
  • Cheer the wins. Got milestones or victories? Celebrate them! Share growth stories, success stories and pivotal moments that have shaped your firm’s identity.
  • Chat it up. Respond promptly to comments, messages and mentions on your culture-related posts. Engage in conversations with your audience and show appreciation for their involvement.
  • Stay in sync. Keep things steady with a posting plan. Be consistent in style and voice, so your culture shines through like a beacon.

Perks of social media

So, what are the perks I mentioned in the title? Here are just a few:

  • Brand swagger. Culture-sharing makes your brand come alive and connects you with a community that digs your vibe.
  • Team mojo. Boost your team’s spirits by showing off your culture. Happy employees can become your cheerleaders, helping you hire and keep the gang together.
  • Talent magnet. Showcasing your culture is like putting out a “We’re cool” sign. Prospects who feel a kinship with your style will want in.
  • Uniqueness wins. You’ll stand out in a sea of sameness. Sharing what sets you apart can win loyalty and market reputation.

The bottom line? Sharing your firm’s culture on social media is a game-changer. By giving your community a peek behind the scenes, you create a buzz, build trust and bring your brand to life. So, jump in and start sharing—your business will thank you!

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