Moving Historical Payroll Transactions to a New QuickBooks Company File

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Last Updated September 19, 2023

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A common question that we receive from QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise users is if Transaction Pro Exporter/Importer can move historical payroll transactions from one QuickBooks company file to another.  This can be done but there are some limitations as Intuit has not provided developers access to the Payroll Center within QuickBooks.  If you are importing transactions from another Payroll company into QuickBooks you can read how to do this here.

What can be exported out of QuickBooks?

As far as exporting data out of QuickBooks developers only have access to the employee list and the payroll detail report.  Unfortunately, the payroll detail report does not include any customer information.

What can be imported into QuickBooks?

Developers can add or update information on the employee list and can import the historical paycheck as regular checks.  What this means is that your general ledger balances will reflect all the proper amounts.  However, this data will not be available in any of the QuickBooks canned payroll reports such as 941s.  So what we suggest is that for prior calendar years you can use our Transaction Pro Importer to bring in the paycheck detail.  But for the current calendar year you should manually enter the paycheck information into QuickBooks.

How do I move the paycheck detail using the Transaction Pro tools?

You should use out Transaction Pro Importer/Exporter bundle here to accomplish this task.

Step 1:  Use the Transaction Pro Exporter to export the payroll detail report (see screen shot below).

Payroll Detail Report from QuickBooks

Step 2:  Use the Transaction Pro Importer to import this report as checks.

Some helpful tips:

  • Set up the payroll items in the new QuickBooks company file and point them to the correct general ledger account.
  • If the employees already exist in the new QuickBooks company file go into the payroll preferences in QuickBooks and change the display format to first name first.

Here is a suggested mapping to use with the Transaction Pro Importer.

Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks suggested mapping

You can also refer to our check import blog post.

We hope this blog article was helpful.  If you do not already have a copy of Transaction Pro Exporter or Importer you can request a free trial from our website.


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