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Last Updated November 6, 2023

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Accounting firms and small businesses need all the help they can get. Cybersecurity, recruitment and work-life balance are major issues for business owners of all kinds. Clients and customers expect better and faster service all the time. Businesses need the intelligent cloud.

No single move can make all those challenges go away. However, one decision can give you a huge boost in dealing with them: the decision to run your favorite applications and store your critical data in the cloud. In the intelligent cloud, experts take care of managing cybersecurity, updating applications and data backups. You just run your firm or business.

What can the cloud give you? Protection that never stops keeping your data safe in an increasingly dangerous online world. Streamlined workflows let you get more done in less time, keep your employees happy and make it easier for you to recruit new staffers. And a secure online environment provides a rapid and convenient way to communicate with clients and customers.

Rightworks OneSpace Firm: Accounting in the intelligent cloud

For accounting firms, Rightworks OneSpace Firm is a revolutionary intelligent cloud service. Designed specifically for firms by accounting experts, OneSpace Firm delivers secure cloud-based applications and much more. Your employees and clients have secure access to critical data from anywhere and at any time in a single online environment.

You can run hundreds of your favorite applications in the cloud, including QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks Online. A team of experts handles cybersecurity for you and keeps your data and apps safe in enterprise-class data centers. US-based support that’s available 24/7/365 has your back at all times. Plus, with analytics in Rightworks Connect, you have easy access to the data you need to run your firm—as well as a powerful tool for developing client proposals.

The net result is that you and your employees can spend less time dealing with technology and focus on doing your jobs. That means getting more work done in less time, which lets everybody in your organization achieve work-life balance in a way that’s not possible without the cloud.

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Discover the benefits of Rightworks OneSpace.

The benefits of accounting in the cloud are tangible. You can:

  • Boost efficiency by streamlining workflows and cutting out extra work and manual processes.
  • Work in a secure and accessible unified environment for desktop and cloud-based applications.
  • Improve client relationships and service with online collaboration and built-in analytics.

And you can do it all for a monthly fee that’s easy to budget for, with no contract and no minimum commitment.

Rightworks OneSpace Business: Powerful intelligent cloud tools for business owners

For small businesses, Rightworks OneSpace Business offers the same security and convenience as OneSpace Firm: secure anytime, anywhere access to data and applications; expert-managed cybersecurity; a secure online environment for communicating with customers; and analytics tools that enable you to run a data-driven business.

You also benefit from 24/7/365 US-based support, data backups, and a single point of access for your favorite cloud-based and desktop applications. When you run key applications in the intelligent cloud, you give your customers a secure and simple interface for communication. This enables you to improve the speed and quality of service. You can also get more done in less time by eliminating manual processes and time spent managing technology.

In the intelligent cloud, your business can:

  • Let experts protect your company from devastating cyberattacks while you get work done.
  • Drive revenue by improving customer service and increasing efficiency.
  • Easily budget for technology maintenance and updates—which experts handle for you.

And in the Rightworks cloud, your data is always backed up in case of disaster. You’ll be able to recover quickly from a flood or fire with your critical information stored in the Rightworks cloud rather than in your office.

Rightworks has the intelligent cloud your organization needs to meet its challenges and goals.

Ready to move to the cloud? Get started today.

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