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Last Updated January 20, 2018

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At Right Networks, we love hearing from our customers. We love seeing how more than 100,000 users choose to be cloud-connected with us in order to save time, safeguard their data, and grow their businesses. In fact, we take customer feedback so seriously that it informed our three new cloud offerings.

Today’s market for accounting professionals is extremely competitive. We know that our customers need the ability to scale-up fast as their business grows. Clients and customers expect to be serviced in real-time. Small businesses expect advisory services from their accounting professionals. Remote work is becoming more common.

Our service is fast and flexible and designed with value in mind.

The Right Networks Cloud

Application Cloud gives accounting professionals and small businesses access to Microsoft Office, 50GB of storage, and access to unlimited apps in our curated application ecosystem. It’s all the apps you need, connected. Pick from a range of applications that will power-up your workflow, including business analytics and reporting apps, financial, or retail applications.

Business Cloud streamlines work even further. Pair your QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud with your most critical business applications. Create your expense reports with Expensify, save time on your bill payments with, track employee time with TSheets, and get 10GB of cloud storage. You’ll also get access to Microsoft Excel, so there’s no need to copy and paste files to a local machine when you’re doing your number-crunching.

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud offers secure and reliable access to QuickBooks Desktop, from anywhere. Put your accounting and legacy applications in the cloud with anytime, anywhere availability, and with 5GB of storage. Get key utilities, like printing and for PDF management. This cloud offer gives our customers what they need to get the job done.

“I’m excited to see what the new Right Networks Cloud does for our clients and, ultimately, for their clients,” said Michael Way, Director of Customer Success. “We put these together to bring more value to the market and more value to our customers. Customers will find the new offerings easier to understand and use.”

Cloud Advantages

All of our cloud services offer key benefits. Access your accounting solution on a Mac, PC, or mobile device, get unparalleled security, and 90-day backups. And if a question comes up, our US-based support is reachable 24/7/365 by email, chat, or telephone.

Your clients expect more from you, and you expect more from your cloud-enabled accounting solution. We’ve optimized the Right Networks Cloud offerings to help you meet your goals at every stage of business growth. We hope the new Right Networks Cloud is big step forward for you and for your business.

Your Business Cloud or Application Cloud bundle includes the license for Microsoft products. Third-party applications have no additional hosting fees, with the exception of Transaction Pro which has an additional $25 per user per month hosting fee. Application Cloud does not include third-party application licenses or subscriptions.

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