Cybersecurity: War in Ukraine Increases Likelihood of Russian Cyber Attacks

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Last Updated September 29, 2023


Katie got an unexpected day off work not long ago. It wasn’t the fun kind.

The insurance brokerage Katie works for was shut down for a day by what was likely a Russian cyber attack carried out hours after Russia went to war with Ukraine (and, yes, this is a true story). For an entire business day, everyone in her organization missed out on sales opportunities, critical contact with customers and hours of productivity.

Would Russian cyber attacks target your firm? Maybe

Russian cyber attacks have plagued US businesses for years now, and with Russia actively at war in Ukraine, attacks are likely to become both more numerous and more severe. If you work for an accounting firm, you might be wondering how likely it would be for Russians to target your company. Let’s put it this way: Katie’s company didn’t expect to get hit, either. But it did.

Of course, not all cyber attacks originate from Russia, and the one that hit Katie’s insurance brokerage might not have, either, although a Russian attack is the most likely—and strongly presumed—scenario. In any case, dealing with cybersecurity, which was already an urgent and risky matter for businesses of all kinds, has suddenly become even more urgent and difficult. It’s not going to get any easier.

Cybersecurity in the cloud is the safest option

For accounting firms, nothing is more important than data security. A lost day of productivity is bad, but a data breach that strikes at the heart of clients’ most critical information could quickly bring your firm to its knees. Financial data is the lifeblood of any business, and your firm has a duty to protect clients’ information.

That’s why cybersecurity is too important for firms to try to handle in-house. A field so fraught with risk and so prone to rapid change requires dedicated expertise. Your firm needs to focus on what it does best: serving clients. You probably don’t have a full-time cybersecurity expert on your staff, and you shouldn’t have to. Right Networks has a whole team of them available 24/7/365.

Running critical accounting applications in the cloud with Right Networks gives you peace of mind that dedicated security experts are watching your network at all times. In the event of a breach, the Right Networks security team will be there to halt the attack rapidly and work immediately to mitigate any damage. You don’t have to take any action—and you don’t have to worry, either.

And Secure Workstation from Right Networks goes a step further, providing protection for your individual computers, including antivirus functionality, file backup, drive encryption and security monitoring.

Security expertise delivers peace of mind

We all know that the world is changing rapidly and not always for the better. The pandemic brought a new set of cybersecurity challenges when it hit in 2020. Global geopolitical events, such as war in Ukraine, will do the same—suddenly and with little warning.

Katie’s employer didn’t think it would be in the crosshairs of a cyber attack, but it was. Your firm could be, too. Turning cybersecurity over to the experts at Right Networks will at least give you one less thing to worry about as your firm navigates a changing world.

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