Motivating All of Your Accounting Team Employees

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Last Updated September 1, 2023

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It is important to understand that different people are motivated by different things and it’s likely you have a mix of personalities on your accounting team. Each type of employee is likely to respond to personalized motivators, so it’s important to identify what category your employees fall into and manage them accordingly.

The “stuff” employee.

This type of employee is motivated by recognition, perks, and raises. The best way to motivate them is by providing a clear career path, goals, and public recognition for their achievements. Provide these employees with independence and trust, and they will be more likely to work toward those goals.

The “friend” employee.

This person strives to impress the boss and the team in an effort to fit in. These employees love teamwork and are eager to please. Motivate this employee by involving them in your decisions. Ask for their opinion, assign them social planning tasks, and remind them how they are helping the team.

The “challenger” employee.

This employee loves to challenge the norm and question long-term projects. They may not want to train professionally or provide top quality work. Motivate this type of employee by sharing company objectives and demonstrate how their role will grow as the company does well.

The “nomad” employee.

The “nomad” employee prefers to work on their own time, wherever they please. Give them the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, and you will get high quality, accurate work.  Set them up with a cloud hosting service like Right Networks to enable and guide them.

No matter the type of employee, there are always ways to motivate your accounting team. Be thoughtful and clear, communicate frequently, and be sure to make them feel important and included. Understand each employee’s demeanor and personality, and your team’s mutual respect will continue to grow.


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