Staffing for success with technology

Staffing for success with technology

Duration 33:26 min


Staffing for success webinar 33:26 min

Is your firm ready to face your 2024 tax season, or do staffing shortages continue to be a growing challenge?

Join Molly Gallaher Boddy as she shows you how growth-minded firms like yours have successfully faced their biggest staffing challenges using a fully managed cloud experience. Discover how to support your growth—even if you’re adding new offices—without investing in expensive internal IT staff. In addition, we’ll consider how employee technology experiences can affect retention.

We’ll also discuss the strategies you should consider putting into place to keep your firm secure (without additional internal hiring for it!) while enabling you to hire top accounting talent beyond geographical limitations.

Presenter: Molly Gallaher Boddy, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Firm Premier, Rightworks