Rightworks Academy Customer Reference Program

Welcome to the Rightworks Academy Customer Reference Program! We’re excited to learn about your interest in the program and look forward to working with you.

What’s involved?

As a member of the Rightworks Academy Customer Reference Program, you’ll have the chance to participate in a number of special activities, such as:

  • Talking to prospective customers about your Rightworks Academy experience.
  • Beta-testing our newest features and offering feedback to influence product development.
  • Sharing your testimonial about your Rightworks Academy experience through a success story, video testimonial or quote.
  • Speaking with media and/or analysts about your experience with Rightworks Academy.
  • Speaking on a panel or contributing to a guest blog, raising your profile as a thought leader in the profession.
What’s involved?

Ready to get started?

To sign up for the Customer Reference Program, please indicate the activities that interest you. When opportunities for those activities arise, we’ll be in touch. Please note that the opportunities for each activity will vary throughout the year.

As a thank you, each time you participate in and complete an activity, you’ll receive one savings credit on your Rightworks bill (as listed in the table below; limit one savings credit per activity). The savings credit will be applied within two billing cycles, and you can earn more savings credits by completing additional activities.

Questions? Email us at customerreferences@rightworks.com.

Program Terms and Conditions

Activity One-time savings credit
Speak with a prospect $250
Written testimonial or quote $250
Beta-test features $250
Participate in a success story $500
Participate in a video testimonial $500
Guest blog $500
Speak on a panel (events and webinars) $1,000
Rightworks Academy Customer Reference Program

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