The turn from cyberthreat to cyberattack is a slippery slope

To enhance their value to clients, firms need to offer new advisory services. This focus on innovation can lead to accounting firm growth.

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Learn how to avoid a “Game over” in the event of a cyberattack.

Prevent cyberattacks

Protecting your firm or business from cyberthreats can be a lot like playing chess. If you think ahead and plan your moves carefully, you’ll be on your way to a win. But if you make the wrong moves and leave yourself vulnerable, cyberattackers will declare a checkmate before you can blink.

This infographic shows two possible strategies for dealing with cyberattacks. The first is the “Don’t click” move, which keeps your firm safe. And the second is the dangerous “Click” move, where you’ll fall victim to:

  • Malicious, well-disguised links that install malware throughout your network.
  • Stolen data, passwords, usernames and sensitive information.
  • Ransomware demands and a compromised business.

Spoiler: You want to go for the “Don’t click” move.