Episode 5 – Smart Team Management: Creating an irresistible place to work


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Welcome to The Modern Firm® podcast, hosted by Darren Root, Chief Strategist for Rightworks, founder of Rootworks (now Rightworks Academy) and an accounting firm owner for over 30 years, and John Mitchell, Culture and Workforce Advisor for Rightworks.

In this episode, Darren and John take a candid look at the growing importance of team culture inside a modern firm. John reveals the number one question he hears from firm owners, while Darren muses on the implications of a great culture—or a not-so-great one—for the firm’s business model and bottom line. They also discuss the challenges and successes of attracting new team members, the impact of work on our lives, and how important it is to get Smart Team Management right.


You can also watch the full episode on YouTube.