Episode 13 – The Modern Firm® Maturity Continuum: Where do you rank?


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Welcome to The Modern Firm® podcast, hosted by Darren Root, Chief Strategist for Rightworks, founder of Rootworks (now Rightworks Academy) and an accounting firm owner for over 30 years, and John Mitchell, Culture and Workforce Advisor for Rightworks.

In this episode of The Modern Firm podcast, Darren welcomes Joel Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Rightworks. Darren and Joel review some of the results of the 2024 Rightworks Accounting Firm Technology Survey of 500 small, medium and large-sized firms. In addition to offering some intriguing insights into the technology firms are—and aren’t—taking advantage of, the survey introduces The Modern Firm Maturity Continuum, where firms classify themselves on a five-category scale. Is your firm a Follower? A Contender? A Leader? Or do you fall somewhere else on the continuum? Join Darren and Joel for a thought-provoking discussion.


You can watch the full episode on YouTube or Vimeo.

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