Episode 10 – The intelligent cloud and The Modern Firm®

Duration: 25 min 50 sec


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Welcome to The Modern Firm® podcast, hosted by Darren Root, Chief Strategist for Rightworks, founder of Rootworks (now Rightworks Academy) and an accounting firm owner for over 30 years, and John Mitchell, Culture and Workforce Advisor for Rightworks.

In this episode, Darren and John explore the intelligent cloud platform. Why is the “intelligent” cloud better than the “regular” cloud everyone’s raved about for so long? What can it do for you that Cloud 1.0 couldn’t? Can the intelligent cloud really help change—for the better—the way you organize and operate your firm? And why is so much value placed on the one-click login concept? Join Darren and John for the answers to these questions and more in this don’t-miss installment.


You can also watch the full episode on YouTube.

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