Customer Story

Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent CPAs

Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent CPAs

Located in Hoover, Alabama, Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent CPAs (TTPA) is a small firm with big firm experience. The team supports clients from across the country in all industries, but specializes in serving dental, veterinary, pharmacy, construction and nonprofit niches.

The back story

Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent CPAs is a boutique firm serving closely held service-based businesses in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. While the firm was built on a traditional CPA model, Brad Paramore, CPA, and his fellow partners have been hard at work, transforming the way they do business since joining Rightworks as Academy members in 2011.

And their hard work has paid off. “Since we became Rightworks Academy members, we’ve roughly doubled the size of our firm. One of the key things that Rightworks Academy has taught me, in particular, is to adopt more of a firm management role. I am always going back to the Rightworks model and finding new things to use to improve our performance.”

“Being able to tap into top-tier marketing experts who understand specifically how to build brand presence and generate leads for CPA firms is a huge plus.”


Finding success in strategy and structure

After attending the Rightworks Academy conference in December of 2016, Brad and his partners realized that they needed to up the level of their marketing efforts if they were going to meet their growth goals. That’s when they purchased Rightworks’ Outsourced Communications (OC) service [now Marketing Solutions (MS)], teaming up with a dedicated marketing specialist to help build and implement a sound communications program. Just over a year into the relationship, it has more than paid for itself.

From Brad’s perspective, Rightworks’ MS service gives his firm the advantages of having an in-house marketing department—at a fraction of the cost. A key benefit is the structure and strategic discipline that his expert marketing specialist has helped the firm develop.

“We never talked about targeted niches or marketing strategy before we engaged with Rightworks’ MS service. We were playing Whack-a-Mole, just doing whatever we could and taking whatever clients came our way, mostly from a narrow pool of people that we could touch,” explained Brad. “Now we are casting a wider net and competing on a higher level against firms that are bigger and that have more resources than we do.”

The strategy has been a success so far, said Brad:

“We see and hear from our existing clients and those in the community that our exposure and profile is rising. We also get more potential client referrals from our contacts in our centers of influence such as bankers and investment advisors.”

Specialized marketing expertise can take firm growth to the next level…

A core tactic Brad’s firm uses is consistent digital marketing to targeted dental niche and general business prospects. These campaigns focus on promoting the firm’s BOSS (Back Office Support System) service.

Beyond digital marketing, MS services also help the firm with broader community messaging. For example, highlighting the firm’s recent “Best CPA Firm” accolade.

“Rightworks helped us promote this achievement with an ad in a local publication and in our firm brochure,” Brad explained. “As a result, we have had a lot of people take notice of us and see us as just as competent as any larger firm.“

From Brad’s perspective, the firm’s marketing communications program is instrumental in maintaining and expanding relationships with existing clients as well. A perfect example: Rightworks provided materials to help educate clients about the impact of new tax reform laws.

For firms who are thinking about using outsourced communications services like Rightworks’ Marketing Solutions, Brad offers this advice: “Working with marketers who know the accounting profession will save you time and money immediately and over the long term. Being able to tap into top-tier marketing experts who understand specifically how to build brand presence and generate leads for CPA firms is a huge plus.”