Customer Story



For more than 35 years, this Walla Walla, Washington-based, woman-owned firm has been serving clients with white-glove accounting and advisory services. TKCPA is driven by its core values—Excellence, Leadership, Drive, Friendship and Flexibility—to ensure premium support for its winery, restaurant and agriculture-based clientele.

The back story

Kristal Hassler, CPA and Managing Partner of TKCPA has successfully made the journey from chaos to (relative) calm. In the past two years, her business partner retired (more than doubling her workload), she onboarded four new employees (including remote positions), and business has grown annually at a rate of 20%. Add into the equation five kids, a grandchild, a life partner, and an active social calendar, and it leaves one wondering: ”How does she do it?”

Her answer is straightforward: “I built a business that affords me the freedom to live my life.”

Kristal’s vision for her firm was always clear: To build a successful business without borders—enabling her to achieve that delicate balance between running a progressive firm and maintaining a fulfilling, family-centric personal life. She was able to achieve this vision…with a little help from some expert friends.

“Rightworks Academy was integral in helping us build a business with no restrictions—my firm hums along efficiently whether I’m there or not. Now I have a business that affords me the freedom to live my life.”


The solution to living the life she desired…

The last few years have been a true test for Kristal. “It was one thing after another: My business partner retired, we remodeled the office and onboarded multiple remote employees. It was chaotic, but I had the support I needed to continue transforming my firm to support my vision.”

As a Rightworks Academy member, Kristal received the guidance and support she needed to break free of any remaining elements of the traditional accounting model and operate a modern, successful business. “Rightworks was integral in helping us build a business with no restrictions—my firm hums along efficiently whether I’m there or not…leaving me time to live my life.”

Kristal Hassler is a prime example of a highly engaged Rightworks Academy member—someone who understands that the journey to modern firm-status is a long and progressive one. And she’s done (and continues to do) the work, from building a streamlined technology infrastructure to developing a strong team and sophisticated brand.

“We knew we needed to make a lot of changes to continue to improve operations. The one-off webinars by other vendors weren’t much help because we didn’t leave with an actionable plan or post-support. With Rightworks Academy, we get monthly one-on-one coaching, weekly staff trainings and structured process documents that make implementing change so much easier. We also get dedicated marketing and branding guidance. Where can you find an organization that does all this? Rightworks Academy is one of kind.”

She added: “Rightworks Academy is our primary source of education and provides the roadmap for me and my team to get us where we need to be.”

And the journey continues…

Progressive-thinking firm leaders like Kristal Hassler understand the value of building a business that supports the life they want to live.

Kristal is living the life she desires because she built her practice based on the Rightworks business model. For her, this means a healthy, balanced personal life. “We have kids out of state, a son in college, a 13-year-old daughter on a travel soccer team, and my life partner and I like to get away for at least one long ski weekend a month during tax season. I can’t imagine being able to do all that we do if my business didn’t support my life.”

Kristal admits that transforming her firm didn’t happen overnight and that there is no magic formula for doing so. It requires focus, time and partnering with the right education organization—and that’s Rightworks.

“Rightworks has a proven business model that works. No one else offers the level of education and coaching. I know that the only way to maintain my lifestyle is to keep working with their people. We still have work to do, but that’s the great thing about the Rightworks team—they are with us for the long-term.”