Customer Story

Rocky Mountain Sire Services

RMSS was spending 50 to 60 hours every month manually transferring invoice and payment data to its parent company. Using Transaction Pro Importer, they’ve cut that time down to a mere 90 minutes (at most). Learn how they did it.

“The entire process now takes us only an hour and a half to upload a huge amount of data. And we are ecstatic!”



Since 1992, Rocky Mountain Sire Services (RMSS) has provided cattlemen across the world access to elite bovine genetics, bull picturing, boarding, health testing, and more.

The Challenge

For years, RMSS was spending 50 to 60 hours per month manually transferring invoicing and payment data to its parent company that uses QuickBooks. The process was cumbersome and tedious, leaving RMSS unable to handle these tasks efficiently.

The Solution

RMSS contacted authorized Transaction Pro reseller, Peak Advisers LLC, to see if they had a solution that would help simplify the time-consuming process. Using Transaction Pro Importer, they were able to create an automation solution that consolidates multiple raw data files into one file for simple upload. By connecting the company’s QuickBooks software to Transaction Pro Importer, RMSS was able to upload the data file easily.

The Results

The entire process, which includes a tremendous amount of data, now takes just 60 to 90 minutes per month and allows RMSS to devote more time to focus on building their business.

The Highlights

  • Every month, RMSS had to transfer invoicing and payment information manually to their parent company.
  • With nearly 500 clients and 50 to 100 line items per invoice, manual data entry was taking nearly 50 to 60 hours per month.
  • 50 to 60 hours of monthly manual data entry work was reduced to 60 to 90 minutes using Transaction Pro Importer.