Customer Story


When Knowify wanted to give contractors an easier way to manage their projects, they knew they needed a cloud-based platform. Learn how the Autofy API helped build this infrastructure quickly, enabling contractors to manage their data from any construction site.



Since 2012, Knowify has provided job costing and project management tools for contracting businesses to help streamline and simplify the construction industry.

The Challenge

Knowify didn’t have the tools to provide the appropriate user experience to construction companies using QuickBooks Desktop. Since Knowify is an online platform, born in the cloud and designed to work and integrate with other online solutions, they wanted QuickBooks Desktop to feel as online as possible.

The Solution

Knowify partnered with Autofy because they knew the Autofy API would be able to provide them with the right infrastructure to achieve their goals. The API allowed them to build an integration that provides a full cloud experience for QuickBooks Desktop users. Working online with desktop software poses multiple challenges, and they were able to overcome these challenges with Autofy.

The Results

The team at Knowify realized the benefits from working with Autofy and the Autofy API immediately.

  • Leveraging Autofy’s API increased productivity company-wide, saving the team time and money.
  • Not only did Knowify gain a time-saving product, they gained a team of Autofy support representatives thoroughly trained on the features and functionality of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The seamless integration between QuickBooks Desktop and Knowify provided a full cloud experience for QuickBooks Desktop users – without the pain of having to learn a new program.