Customer Story

Cambridge International

Within 1 year, Cambridge International grew from 10 to 110 employees. Manually entering payroll information became nearly impossible to manage. With Transaction Pro, they’ve been easily able to complete this multi-day task in a few hours, while also eliminating the need for manual data entry.


The Company

Cambridge International (Cambridge), based in Arlington, Virginia, provides logistics and security services in the virtual and physical realms. For over 25 years, Cambridge has been supporting both US and foreign governments in capacity building.

The Problem

In 2014, Cambridge experienced significant growth in Colombia, which increased the headcount in the local office from 10 people to 110 and counting. The Colombia office used an accounting package from Novasoft, which did not integrate with Cambridge’s corporate accounting software.

The Solution

Lynn Chlypawka, then project controller, turned to Transaction Pro to automate and speed the process of transferring payroll information from the Colombian software to the corporate system, eliminating the need for Chlypawka to manually input data.

Why Transaction Pro?

Chlypawka says Transaction Pro was reliable, simple to learn and easy to use. It also enabled Cambridge to scale as the number of workers in the Colombia office rose and fell, a common phenomenon in the government contracting industry. Plus, as a result of COVID-19 response in Colombia, payroll and social benefit changes are coming out in the country almost daily, Chlypawka says. With Transaction Pro, Cambridge is certain to have the most recent information from its Colombia office with all current requirements included.

The Results

Transaction Pro has saved Cambridge both time and money. Chlypawka says she now spends about two hours per month transferring payroll information versus the two to three days per month, and eliminated the need to hire extra staffers.