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Last Updated October 25, 2023

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Transaction Pro makes a differenceWhen you use the right tools in your business, you can save significant time, which leads to money savings. When that happens, you have more time to focus on what you love to do that helps grow your business.

Transaction Pro has the right tools to solve issues that we identify when we help clients run their businesses more efficiently. Here are a handful of those examples where Transaction Pro made the difference.

  • You need to move product sales data from QuickBooks to import into a warranty database. So instead of printing a detailed sales report to Excel, use Transaction Pro Exporter to precisely export the items you need to import into the warranty database.
  • You took an inventory count and realized you made the QuickBooks inventory adjustments into the wrong year. Don’t delete them one by one; instead, use Transaction Pro Deleter to delete the adjustments based on the time and date entered into QuickBooks. (Of course, you should have used Transaction Pro Importer to import the transactions, to begin with.)
  • If you have several thousand inventory items and take a significant or complete inventory count, consider using Transaction Pro Importer to import the adjustments. Why? To save significant time! This action will work even if you use the count sheets available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum. Although count sheets work great, importing the inventory adjustments will go faster using Transaction Pro Importer.
  • Let us say you use a customer-facing point-of-sale system that records all PO (purchase orders), SO (sales orders), inventory, sales, and bills, but it lacks a general ledger and the ability to pay bills. An example of this would be Epicor Software’s BisTrack. You can generate .csv files in the software that summarize all transactions as journal entries and use Transaction Pro Importer to import them into QuickBooks.
  • Also, with the above example, what if all the names of the bills you are importing are not already in QuickBooks? A quirk of using journal entries to import invoices is that you will get an Object error if the vendor’s name does not already exist. Yet, if you add the command line modification /JE_Name, Transaction Pro will import a journal entry that contains a name unknown to QuickBooks.
  • What if you are using third-party software to track equipment rentals? This third-party software does not have a general ledger. Instead of re-keying this information each month, you can export from the third-party software and then, using Transaction Pro Importer, import the transactional data into your QuickBooks General Ledger.

Examples could go on and on, but the overriding point to keep in mind is Transaction Pro, whether Importer, Exporter, or Deleter, significantly reduces the time you spend pounding on a keyboard or copying and pasting.

To summarize, it’s best if you have Transaction Pro anytime you are using QuickBooks and need to import data, export data, or delete data. Get it, use it, and automate it.

Michael Wallace


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