Webgility and Right Networks Give Niche Brand a Wide Path for Growth

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Last Updated September 29, 2023

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Learn about the change a specialty VW auto parts store made that cleared the way for exponential growth. Sometimes, one little change or tweak can be the difference between success and status quo.


Operating a brick-and-mortar store for over 20 years, the specialty auto parts store’s vice president Debra Shaw said they made the decision to close the store and go completely digital. Prior to making the exciting switch, the decision to automate their QuickBooks accounting using Webgility was made. In fact, this was the tweak, or change, that they knew would clear the way for exponential growth. This decision grew mostly from frustration, as bookkeeping costs soared due to laborious manual entry of over 150 orders into QuickBooks daily—and there were days or weeks that nothing got entered, which meant they stacked up until the bookkeeper could get to them.  They ended up four months behind. Business owners know what a stack of old orders means—now your sales taxes are inaccurate, inventory’s off, financials are wrong, and so on. You know what you pay your bookkeeper per hour. Shaw was paying for 15 hours or more monthly, just to input orders. And she tired of that, especially with the growth, she’d be paying even more. With Webgility up and running, orders flowed into QuickBooks, providing the clearest and most accurate financial snapshot of the business to date. They knew the health of the business, down to item-level profitability. What used to take the bookkeeper 15 hours now took 30 minutes. This made Debra Shaw extremely happy.

Right Networks

The company’s next strategic move was to host its QuickBooks on Right Networks’ cloud servers instead of their own server environment, as QuickBooks often crashed, requiring IT assistance.  The crashes became more frequent and the outsourced IT bills excessive. IT costs were eliminated by using cloud-connected solution Right Networks instead of trying to make their own servers perform. “Together, Webgility and Right Networks provide the ability to not worry about orders into Quickbooks. It just works and the support is amazing,” Debra told Webgility. Today, their accounting workflow enjoys a 100% up-time, thanks to Right Networks. And the crashing issues that once inflated IT costs are now nonexistent. Plus, her bookkeeper can remote into QuickBooks from anywhere, anytime. Debra Shaw can tell you what her most profitable part is and can stop carrying the parts that are actually costing her money to warehouse. She can tell you how Q1 treated her and what she expects from next quarter. Do you think she sweats quarterly taxes now? Webgility’s done all that for her. And more. And Right Networks has provided the stability of the cloud for her to manage QuickBooks with the confidence a smart business owner demands.   Debra Shaw and Moore Parts Source ( are rising stars in the ecommerce world. As the niche brand grows via increased sales and new channels, we anticipate her next need will be to optimize order and inventory management.  We’ll be here when she needs us.


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