Using Transaction Pro Importer easily imports your SAP Concur data into QuickBooks

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Last Updated September 29, 2023

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As businesses grow their workflow and process needs change. As a result, your company’s financial information and strategic data can easily get scattered. A powerful benefit of using QuickBooks is the ability to seamlessly integrate your data by migrating from a standard QuickBooks work flow to a third party “best-of-breed” app.

Some “best of breeds” create an interface to QuickBooks desktop. However in recent years it has become more common to rely upon third-party tools to create an interface to QuickBooks. Transaction Pro Importer—the #1 choice to import data from third-party apps—can easily be configured to seamlessly and quickly import SAP Concur data into QuickBooks.

A great example of a best-of-breed application is SAP Concur. By automating the process, SAP Concur replaces some or all of the bill payment, and expense reporting credit card payment workflows in QuickBooks. When implemented, SAP Concur provides significant efficiencies to large and growing companies in accounts payable workflow. The major benefit is a significant savings in time and money.

Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) imports all QuickBooks transaction types. For Concur users the typical transaction types include one, or more, of the following: Credit Card Charge, Credit Card Credit, Bills, Bill Payment, Expenses and Checks.

Peak Advisers LLC is a leader in implementing Transaction Pro Importer and provides TPI training. Within a few hours Peak Advisers can implement Transaction Pro Importer and train a Concur user how to import Concur data into QuickBooks. Using the TPI import process will save the SAP Concur user many hours versus the alternatives of Journal Entries, IIF files or manual data entry.

Peak Advisers has conducted hundreds of Transaction Pro Importer training sessions including approximately 30 training session for SAP Concur users.

Peak Advisers is Denver’s leading advanced certified QuickBooks Solution Provider. We make QuickBooks work for you and your small business. Call us today at 303-801-4772×1 or email at to schedule your training.

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