Two easy ways to strengthen your client relationships

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Last Updated September 29, 2023


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Krista Chewter headshotHappy May! Hopefully, you’ve taken a well-deserved post-tax season break and have returned to the office feeling refreshed and energized.

With busy season behind us and midyear around the corner, now is a great time to refocus your energy on your most important resource and the core of your firm’s success: your clients. Not only are they your best referral source, but they’re also your number one opportunity for upselling services.

Here are two easy ways to strengthen your client relationships:

Start with a survey

The best way to improve is to understand the needs of your clients. The fastest, most effective method for gathering feedback about those needs is to send out a survey. A well-thought-out survey demonstrates that you strive to deliver great service and want to know how you can make the client experience even better.

If you want the feedback to be honest, I recommend making the survey anonymous. Also, keep it simple and easy for clients to share their feedback.

Once you have the feedback, analyze the data. Celebrate what you’re doing well, but more importantly, pay attention to where you may be falling short. Once you better understand the needs and expectations of your clients, you can make a plan to implement positive changes.

Host a client appreciation event

Your clients are the most important part of what you do, so why not show them you care by hosting a client appreciation event? It will not only help them see you in a new light, but it will help to foster closer relationships, boost your reputation and potentially lead to referrals. It’s also just a lot of fun.

With warmer weather ahead, you have several options:

  • Reserve a pavilion in a local park and have a barbecue.
  • If you have outdoor space at your office, rent a food truck or cater a luncheon.
  • Keep your event family-friendly; include fun activities like cornhole or volleyball for adults and children.
  • Set up a craft table to entertain the kids.

The key here is to create opportunities to connect with your clients in a more meaningful way.

(Special note for Rootworks Academy members: We have a new client appreciation resource available for branding that includes a postcard, email banner and copy to make your own. Just log in to > Marketing Toolkit > Marketing Resources, and type Client Appreciation in the search bar.)

I can’t express enough how important it is to let your clients know that you value their business—but more importantly, that you value them. The above suggestions are easy ways to build trust and loyalty…and to show your clients how much you care.

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