‘Twas the Week After Deadline

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


We hope that everyone’s season wasn’t too hectic and that you are all enjoying well-deserved vacations.

But for the rare few who may be looking at their laptops—here’s a light-hearted look at what the cloud can provide, to the cadence of Clement C. Moore’s “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” because…why not?


‘Twas the Week After Deadline

‘Twas the week after deadline, and all through the firm,
not a tax pro was working—not even at home.

The partners (with time now to think) stewed,
“We must find a way to boost everyone’s moods.”

“This season was tough; at least it was shorter
though I wish we weren’t crammed every year, every quarter,

“There’s always some weeks, a few months at times,
when we’re all so stressed out, we start speaking in rhymes!

“To show gratitude, we’ll think up something quick;
perhaps bonuses, or a party, might do the trick?

“But long-term, who knows? What can we do?
To stop stress year-round (and ne’er-ending hiring queues…)

“If only one magic solution existed,
That made working anywhere easier, I know that’d fix it!

“One portal, where every tool, software, work paper resided
a place for clients and team members to coincide in!

“And didn’t neglect security! And protected all files!
Frustrations would lower, our team’d be all smiles…”

Just then… a message flashed ‘cross the screen
“But…what is this ‘cloud’ and what does it mean?

“Anytime, anywhere? That seems improbable…
I’m used to my laptop already making that possible!”

And then, to the partners’ eyes did appear,
examples and details of the cloud in full gear!

Backups of files, replications of data,
guarded offsite, and quick to find later.

Full-featured QuickBooks®, Drake®, Lacerte® and ProSeries®,
available anywhere, that internet carries!

Security made simple, threat-monitoring standard,
support when you need it, “Our question’s been answered!

“The cloud translates to access, security, peace of mind…
a fool-proof technology, laptops ‘lone can’t provide.

“Because my clients are most vital to me,
I’ll give it a try—cloud technology.

Enough IT headaches, The solution’s been found:
To make work all-around easier: Your firm needs the cloud.

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