Why CPA Firms Should Invest in Cloud Technology

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Last Updated January 11, 2023


Just recently, I was thinking back over the years. It’s astonishing to me that the world looks so significantly different than it did just a few years ago. Artificial intelligence and machine learning were once only used by larger businesses and software companies. Now, accounting firms and small businesses are investing in cloud technology that allows their businesses to run smarter and more efficiently. 

There’s no arguing that change is rapid and constant—and the accounting profession isn’t immune. Today, cloud technologies are at the center of a modern, well-run CPA firm. While many firms are investing in cloud technology, there are still some that have yet to make the move. 

Whether you’re a business owner, public accountant or firm staff member, this is a change that can’t be negotiated. The cloud is the key to operating at peak efficiency—and the time to transition is now. 


Between my former firm and Rootworks, I’ve worked in the cloud so long that I don’t even consider a solution that isn’t accessible via a browser and a supporting mobile app. A core motivator for me has always been my staff. I consistently asked myself, “How can we set up staff to work most efficiently?” The immediate answer has always been “The cloud.” 

If you’re asking yourself how to grow a CPA firm, one of the answers is moving to the cloud. My firm relied on cloud technologies to streamline client work and internal communications, so our team members always operated as efficiently as possible. 


When it comes to accessibility, I’m not talking about firms managing data centers or being information technology experts when I refer to moving to the cloud.  

Considering the work we did for our clients, our firm relied on Right Networks to streamline transactional processes. For example, staff could easily access client data whenever needed—daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly—to produce on-demand financial reports and process tax returns in a timely manner. 

This enabled staff to clean up data along the way, instead of waiting on data backup files. Without the cloud, we couldn’t provide our clients with the level of service we did from anywhere, at any time. 


At the firm, we used Google’s G-Suite productivity tools, Slack for internal communications and Salesforce as our CRM. At Rootworks, we work entirely in the cloud using Microsoft’s productivity tools, Teams for internal employee communication and Salesforce as our CRM platform. All these systems offer a powerful, integrated and efficient cloud technology infrastructure for our staff to collaborate not only with one another, but also with our Rootworks members and potential members. 

It’s all cloud, all the time for us, and we wouldn’t (and couldn’t) have it any other way! And when you consider how many firms have transitioned to a remote or hybrid workspace for their team, communication is key in a hybrid cloud environment. 

Transform Your CPA Firm 

We’ve drawn a definitive line in the sand when it comes to cloud technology. Basically, it’s the cloud or nothing. It’s how our Rootworks staff wants to work, it sets us up for long-term success, and it’s the only way to ensure we’re always running at peak productivity and supporting our members with the level of service they expect from us. 

If you’re ready to make the move to a modern firm by transitioning to the cloud, sign up for a Rootworks demo today. 

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