Managing Seasonal Staff This Tax Season

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


Office workers are so 2017.

Are the downloads in your office taking a little longer lately? Accounting professionals will deal with an influx in employee head count as they onboard more tax season help, just like they do every year. The difference this season is that more employees will be remoting into their accounting firm’s network. If you have employees logging in remotely, it is essential that your firm’s IT infrastructure is able to manage both onsite employees and those logging in from their couches.

Flexible and remote positions are getting increasingly popular, according to a study done by FlexJobs. Positions that allow for an individual to work from anywhere have surged by at least twenty percent in most industries. For accounting and finance professionals – this has become the popular alternative to sitting in a cubicle.

With services like the Right Networks Cloud, it’s no wonder why hiring these types of employees has become the norm too.

Remote employees offer:

  1. Less in-office expenditures
  2. Higher employee satisfaction rates
  3. The ability for employees to log in whether they’re at home or on the beach
Accounting professionals shouldn’t need to wear multiple hats.

After all, you didn’t join an accounting firm to troubleshoot why your employees are having trouble accessing the network. To manage the surge in technological resources and employee head count, tax professionals can leverage services such as Xcentric’s Cloud – a fully outsourced service that manages all technological aspects of an accounting firm’s business.

With Xcentric’s cloud service, your firm has the following benefits:

  1. Applications are hosted and automatically updated
  2. Client data is stored and backed up
  3. Unlimited, 24×7 support from IT professionals that understand the priorities of an accounting firm

Keep your firm, and your clients, happy this tax season by focusing on the business and let Xcentric, a division of Right Networks manage the tech. From troubleshooting with your remote workers to onboarding all new seasonal employees, Xcentric makes IT one less concern mid-accounting season and year-round.

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