Prepared for Your Tax Season Debrief? [Webinar]

Firm leaders and members rarely get the chance to sit alongside each other to discuss process improvements—but tax season debriefs are meant for precisely that. Learn how to improve your next debrief by watching our new webinar today.

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


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Make 2021’s Tax Season Debrief Session Data-Driven

Once again: This year’s busy season was different from any other we’ve seen.

Long-lasting social and economic impacts from COVID-19 have raised significant questions about what will end up being our “normal,” day-to-day—at the workplace and in life.

With continued levels of uncertainty in the air, it would be easy to throw up our hands and delay post-busy season strategic planning.

But continuing to ride out whatever comes your way would be a big mistake.

Tax season debrief sessions allow firm leaders and members the chance to review what has worked, jettison what hasn’t and strategize for the seasons ahead.

Now is the ideal time to discuss how your firm could benefit from new opportunities created during this COVID experience while dropping antiquated processes that may be holding the firm back.

Strategic planning to identify these opportunities should begin immediately after the busy season and can be optimized by tuning up your tax season debrief processes.

In this webinar, I’ll be discussing exactly what firm members need to do to have a productive, data-driven and insightful tax season debrief session. Keep reading for more details about what participants will get (free data!) and don’t forget to watch 2021 Tax Season Debrief today.

What Will Attendees Get From this Webinar?

RK: This session will provide useful facilitation skills for firm leaders to utilize when discussing how to improve their practice’s tax processes. And, the same process-improvement skills can easily be used to facilitate advisory discussions with clients (providing more opportunities to grow and improve your client advisory service offers!)

Why Is it Important to Conduct a Tax Season Debrief Meeting at the Beginning of Extension Season?

RK: Getting the tax debrief meeting on your calendars now is important for a few reasons: 1) Areas to improve are still top-of-mind and 2) Extension season provides an opportunity to test and optimize new workflow solutions before the next busy season steals away any and every extra minute of your day.

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

RK: Any firm member who has a seat at the “debrief table” will benefit from this session. Firm leaders will get tips for mixing up their traditional debriefs, as well as a list of questions to ask during those meetings. And firm members will get a checklist to use when preparing to attend a tax season debrief.

What Makes this Tax Season Debrief Webinar Unique?

RK: Industry insights and data galore!

I’ll be sharing the results of our national, annual post-tax season survey. Get a pulse on how your peers fared during Tax Season 2021; use their tips and tricks to your benefit—and find out what they’ll be avoiding in future tax seasons!

What Else Can Attendees Expect to Learn?

RK: Expect to come away from this webinar with data-driven insights to improve Tax Season 2022, plus:

  1. Several approaches for conducting and participating in tax season debrief sessions
  2. How to identify which tax production areas need improvement
  3. How to create a confidential busy season survey (including which questions to ask)


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Watch Now → 2021 Tax Season Debrief

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