The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats [Webinar]

Watch Gene Marks, Roman Kepczyk and Eric McMillen discuss the latest small business security threats—and find out how to protect against them.

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Last Updated September 1, 2023

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Watch Now → The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats


Cyber Threats Are Evolving; Is Your Small Business Prepared?

Cyber hacking has never been more lucrative and hacker groups have evolved to the next generation of sophistication in their attempts to compromise your company’s IT infrastructure.

Join Forbes columnist Gene Marks, security consultant Eric McMillen, and accounting profession thought leader Roman Kepczyk for this lively discussion about the latest security threats that could impact your business and personnel’s lives—and how to solve for them.

“New schemes and attack vectors are popping up every day, so it is critical that business owners be aware of these items and ensure their organizations are protected.”

– Roman Kepczyk, Director of Firm Technology Strategy, Right Networks


The Latest Cyber Threats Appear Non-Threatening

Whether it’s phishing attacks, ransomware, identity theft, or social engineering, cyber criminal organizations have reached new levels of sophistication, rapidly identifying and sharing exploitation opportunities amongst their nefarious peers and making it harder and harder for IT personnel to keep up and protect their organizations.

View this webinar on-demand to learn about the latest security threats from three industry leaders with different perspectives and experiences in protecting cyber space.


Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to Watch This Webinar

Cyber breaches significantly damage your organization’s reputation and can even put you out of business. Ransomware and whaling attacks have dealt significant financial blows to organizations, taking years to recuperate.

And theft of an individual’s identity can take years to remediate—impacting not only their lives, but their ability to perform at work.

Whether you are a business owner protecting your assets, or an individual protecting your home and personal life, it is important that you don’t inadvertently make it easier for hackers to take control of your data.


  • The latest security threats every business owner should be aware of
  • How to combat increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks
  • How social engineering has evolved and why this challenges trust within your organization
  • How to protect remote workers from the risks outside of your control (IoT!)
  • Why hacker syndication makes self-service security maintenance a losing battle…and much more


Watch Now → The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats

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