Save time during tax season with social media scheduling software

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Last Updated September 28, 2023


Susan Danker

Tax season—AKA the perpetual workday that starts at 8 a.m., January 1, and ends at midnight, April 18—is not a convenient time for accounting firms to optimize their online presence.

But stress no more, modern firms. You CAN maintain your social media post schedule and serve your clients, too! (Cue heroic saving-the-day soundtrack here.)

As important as a state-of-the-art tech stack is, a tool to keep your social media platforms populated with current posts may be an additional investment worth your while. Streaming content across your online presence is a breeze when you can schedule posts in advance. You can schedule for the days and months you need more bandwidth on your calendar. Maintain your reputation as an engaged and active firm by taking advantage of software to assist your marketing plan.

There are many social media scheduling software options to choose from, and most offer subscription levels to fit your needs with budget-friendly price points. These options help you collaborate with each social media profile where your firm posts. You can also build one post and schedule for simultaneous sending from each of your profiles. You’ll love the ease and efficiency, and you’ll impress your followers with your information flow.

Whether it’s updates related to recent tax changes or a pic of the boss asleep at his desk during a marathon night of preparing tax returns, keeping those posts running consistently won’t be a chore with the aid of a little more software added to your tech stack. Invest in a social media scheduling platform and reap the dividends of your time savings and your firm’s online reputation.

Oh, and grab the boss a tissue; he’s drooling on his keyboard!

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