Putting Clients First Means Putting Them in the Cloud

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Last Updated April 20, 2018


So – you made it through another tax season with your QuickBooks clients…

We sat down with accountants from all over the country at the end of tax season to understand the process that they undergo each year. Whether it’s requesting documents, organizing paperwork, or making deadlines – they all had one very similar theme while discussing something they’d like to improve: communication with their clients.

It’s not that the communication feedback was negative, in fact, the comments were more about wanting to communicate more frequently, and easily, with their clients. Accountants depend on their clients to supply them with a plethora of information to make educated forecasts, ensure tax-filings are compliant, and ultimately help the businesses that they serve succeed.

Fortunately for these accountants, and the businesses they serve, we do have a solution: the cloud.

Explaining the cloud to a QuickBooks client

So – what is the cloud, anyway? We see it everywhere. From the moment we unlock our cell-phones, to the instant we check our email, we’re using it everywhere too. We’ve supplied a few great educational pieces for you to pass along to your clients about what the cloud does, and how it can help grow your business. Chances are, your clients are using the cloud whether they know it or not.

The cloud technology that Right Networks leverages in their services is simply defined as: your data, securely stored, accessible with an internet connection. It’s just like logging into your email; whether you’re logging in from a library computer or from your home desktop, your inbox doesn’t change depending on the location. If you have an internet connection, it’s accessible.

Give your clients the power of QuickBooks Desktop

Giving your clients the power of the cloud is only as resourceful as the applications that are stored there. With QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud, your clients can access all the features and functionalities that QBD offers – all while being able to collaborate from anywhere.

With the QuickBooks Desktop Cloud, your clients will not only get the robust intuit application – they’ll get the core applications for financial management:

  1. Google Chrome: Fast, secure browser to access your email while logged into the Right Networks service
  2. TS Print: Printing software to securely print sensitive information
  3. PDF Reader: View and edit your important PDFs

It all starts with an introduction

So, what should you do? Pass along the information to your clients. Leverage your network of peers to understand why their business grew when they began connecting clients in the cloud. Save time, energy, and resources so that maybe next tax season, soliciting information from clients will be as easy as pressing a button.

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