Postcards from the Road – Scaling New Heights

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Last Updated September 29, 2023

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Scaling New Heights was once again a highlight for Transaction Pro, Autofy, and Rightworks. So much positive attention was given to the new Autofy Always-On capability and how it helps ISVs integrate to QuickBooks 24×7 and not be limited to only being able to sync data when a user is logged in. ISVs loved it, as well as Pro Advisors. 

Since this is the first time at SNH with Transaction Pro being a part of Rightworks, it was amazing to hear the stories and brand recognition that TPro has within the community. Virtually every single person who visited us in the trade show booth was aware of TPro and was a longtime user. It’s recognized as a great product within the QuickBooks ecosystem, and I loved to hear the positive feedback of our new affiliate program for Transaction Pro. 

We love the idea of enabling Pro Advisors to easily build their business by using Transaction Pro with their customers. Our affiliate program can help them grow faster and more consistently than any other partner program with other products. 

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to speak directly to attendees at the breakfast session on QuickBooks integrations. I am always love to hear questions from this thoughtful community and gather feedback and insight that otherwise might not be available. 

Attendees can gain so much from Scaling New Heights from both the sessions and the exhibitors. I can’t wait to get to work helping our Pro Advisor friends build their business and help their SMB customers connect QuickBooks to Excel and other apps. 

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