Cloud Accounting Podcast: Making Remote Work…Work! with Roman Kepczyk

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Last Updated September 29, 2023

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Roman Kepczyk joined David Leary and Blake Oliver on the Cloud Accounting Podcast to discuss the benefits of remote work. They talked about some of the collaboration tools and strategies firms should use to enable remote work for their teams. Listen here.


Roman Kepczyk: And long term, I think Microsoft teams, and Yammer, even though we love Slack, and we love Zoom, we think, because of that integration with the Microsoft Office Suite is gonna win.


Show Notes
  • 00:35 – If you’re moving to remote work, here are some key things to consider
  • 01:35 – Let’s get digital, digital … When going remote, all your company’s data ,  and processes need to be digitized
  • 02:31 — Having the right software and tools in place, along with digitized date ensures that you and your employees can work any place, any time
  • 03:01 – As we discussed in Ep. 121, security is a crucial component of setting up your remote workforce
  •  06:03 – Roman says most accountants favor Microsoft’s collection of collaboration tools, especially for remote work
  • 06:42 – Team chat or collab tools make it very easy to see who’s available when
  • 11:19 – Removing the guesswork – collaboration tools, such as Teams, keep all the information  from every conversation in one place, eliminating the wasted time of searching email threads for just one thing |
  • 12:46 – First things first – what’s the first thing firm owners should consider about going remote?
  • 13:32 – The key ingredient for a successful remote-work situation  is to use the right systems and tools for the situation!
  • 13:41 – The best candidates for remote opportunities  are those with experience, and who need very little supervision
  • 14:34 – It pays dividends to keep your top employees engaged, and happy, even if that means letting them go remote
  • 16:25 – Letting employees work when and where they want means more productivity and less wasted time
  • 18:09 – You can accomplish more, and still have those watercooler convos, all from the comfort of home


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