Improve Tax Processes with Lean Six Sigma Principles [Webinar]

In part 2 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax, learn how to make each tax process at your firm more efficient.

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


Watch Now → The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax

The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax

Join Roman Kepczyk to see first-hand how to apply Lean Six Sigma principles to your tax production. He’ll share his proven recommendations for where teams can look to find areas to improve that will save them time and money, all backed by the latest firm survey data.

Keep reading to find out what else you can expect to learn—and what Roman is most looking forward to discussing—in part 2 of our webinar series: The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax

Why Is Now the Right Time to Focus on Improving Tax Processes?

RK: Tax season just wrapped up! Now is the perfect time to debrief the experiences of the last five months and identify opportunities for improvement to pursue during the extension season. Additionally, we just finished running our own post-tax season survey; those findings will be shared during this webinar as well.

Who Should Attend Lean Tax?

RK: All professional and administrative staff working within the tax department will benefit as we will walk through the entire tax production process from start to finish. We will also point out today’s digital best practices taken from the latest CPAFMA and Right Networks tax season surveys.

What Makes Lean Tax Different From Other Tax Process Improvement Webinars?

RK: I’ll be sharing actual stories and solutions from clients I’ve consulted with over the past decade using my Lean Tax Optimization (LTO) process.

What Else Can Attendees Expect to Learn?

RK: Attendees can expect to learn:

  1. Where firms are transforming their production processes and the applications they are using to help them do so
  2. Five key areas to target Quality Control (QC) within tax production to save money and reduce hours
  3. Key trends in digitalization of tax processes and the importance of collaboration both within your firm and with clients

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Watch Now → The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax

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