How to Create a Lean, Green ($) Accounting Machine [Webinar]

Register for part 1 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Essentials, to learn how to improve outdated accounting processes with LSS principles.

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


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CPAs: Start Your Engines…

It’s time to apply the principles of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to your accounting firm.

Join Roman Kepczyk for his introductory-level course, where he’ll review the basics of these process-improvement principles, how to identify which accounting workflows may need improvement at your firm and more.

Keep reading to find out what else you can expect to learn—and what Roman is most looking forward to discussing—during part 1 of our webinar series: The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Essentials

What Excites You the Most About Lean Six Sigma Accounting?

RK: What I like most about Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is the comprehensiveness as a consulting methodology to help accountants improve their practices.

LSS is a very structured process designed to improve production workflows, making it an ideal business application in an accounting practice as they consist of multitudes of different workflows within the various departments.

Is There Evidence That LSS Principles (Once Applied) Improve Accounting Workflows?

RK: Yes, many leading consultants of the accounting profession have adapted LSS principles for their practices, further supporting the proof of concept that it works in our industry.

In fact, there are three LSS Green Belt training programs targeted specifically at the accounting profession given by LeanCPA, Boomer Consulting and Transformity.

Who Should Attend Lean Essentials?

RK: Owners, firm managers, and personnel wanting to improve their advisory/facilitation skills will benefit from this overview, which they can immediately apply within their own practices.

What Makes Lean Essentials Different From Other Accounting Workflow Webinars?

RK: This webinar is different as it provides practical solutions and advice without any strings attached.

Right Networks strives to make their clients better and providing practical education on everything from firm productivity to security helps our clients.

What Else Can Attendees Expect to Learn?

RK: In addition to the key tenets of the Lean Six Sigma consulting methodology, which can immediately be used to improve your firm as well as grow your advisory practice, I’ll share:

  1. My step-by-step process and checklists for thoroughly documenting firm and client workflows
  2. Practical facilitation skills for conducting a process improvement meeting (and how to get comprehensive input from all participants during those meetings)
  3. How to measure and document process improvements for any type of LSS interaction


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Watch Now → The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Essentials

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