Right Networks Launches Multi-Factor Authentication

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Last Updated December 7, 2019

Category Cybersecurity


Right Networks has launched Multi-Factor authentication (MFA), in partnership with Duo, providing an extra layer of protection for customers, including accounting firms and business professionals, seeking to protect sensitive data. MFA powered by Duo’s access solution is a user-centric, zero-trust security platform for users on all devices within the Right Networks environment.


“Rapid advancements in cloud hosting and the proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device) policies have necessitated a highly rigorous approach to security,” said Joel Hughes, CEO of Right Networks. “By implementing Multi-Factor authentication, we can enable users and devices to safely access applications, no matter where they are located. Duo is a leading vendor in this space, and we can vouch for its efficacy, as we utilize this same technology for our internal purposes.”


Unlike other security solutions, Multi-Factor authentication is an integrated option within the Right Networks platform, enabling all customers a flexible security solution at no extra charge. This added protection from potential security threats and cyber-attacks is an optional feature and not required for customers to use the cloud-hosted environment, though it is highly recommended. Duo’s MFA gives Right Networks customers:


  • Protection of My Account and their cloud-hosted desktop
  • Scalable two-factor authentication for all users
  • Fast push notifications
  • Easy enrollment and management through the My Account portal, where it can also be disabled at any
  • Consistent MFA experience across all applications

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