Unlocking success: The intelligent cloud platform revolution in tax and accounting

Is the intelligent cloud platform just another bit of technobabble? Read what Darren Root has to say about it.

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Last Updated May 21, 2024

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Like it has been for most of you, the tax and accounting profession has been an integral part of my existence for as long as I can remember. That’s why one of the most meaningful honors of my life is to be considered a thought leader in the profession. 

It’s also why I feel a tremendous responsibility to keep up with developments that affect Rightworks Academy members, both current and potential. One of those responsibilities is observing the evolution of technology in our field—always with an eye toward staying ahead of the curve. 

In today’s digital landscape, where data security and efficiency are all-important, the decision between using personal computers as a workspace or adopting a dedicated cloud environment can significantly impact your firm’s success. 

So, let’s talk about the value of working in a dedicated and secure cloud space. We’ll explore the transformation into an intelligent cloud platform, and highlight the security, efficiency and productivity benefits the intelligent cloud brings to your firm.

The risks of using personal computers as workspaces 

A smiling woman with glasses sits looking at a laptop.
When staff use personal devices, it’s a cybersecurity risk for your business.

Traditionally, many firms have allowed employees to use personal computers for work, justifying it as a matter of convenience. The trouble is that this approach exposes a firm to a number of risks—especially in terms of security. Personal computers can, and often do, lack the security measures needed to protect against cyberthreats. This leaves sensitive financial data vulnerable to breaches and unauthorized access. 

Plus, relying on personal computers for work can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in workflow. With different employees using different systems and applications, collaboration becomes challenging. Worse, data integrity can become compromised. A fragmented approach like this not only hampers productivity, but also increases the risk of errors and delays in client service.

The evolution into an intelligent cloud platform 

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An intelligent cloud platform streamlines your firm’s processes in one central location, so your team can work anytime, anywhere.

We talk a lot about an intelligent cloud platform. However, I don’t blame you for wondering if it’s just another bit of technobabble, or if it’s really a development worth considering. (Hint: It’s really worth considering.)  

Not familiar yet with the intelligent cloud concept? Here are a few basics:   

  • An intelligent cloud platform is a dedicated, secure, centralized ecosystem that offers you enhanced security, increased efficiency and access to intelligence, aka data—the lifeblood of your business.   
  • In an intelligent cloud platform, dedicated professionals monitor the system continuously, ensuring peak performance and proactive threat detection.   
  • Updates to tax software and other essential applications are automatically applied as they occur. This eliminates the need for manual updates and reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities.  
  • The technology stack in an intelligent cloud platform is curated to meet your firm’s specific needs. By standardizing a select set of tools and applications, you can streamline operations, enhance data integrity and improve team collaboration.  
  • As a bonus, intelligent curation also makes employee onboarding and offboarding more efficient, since access to applications is managed centrally and tailored to individual roles and responsibilities.  

The benefits of one-click login 

A smiling man stands over a laptop, smiling as he uses his one-click login to access the intelligent cloud platform.
An intelligent cloud platform increases security—and makes accessing important applications simple—with one-click login access.

A key feature of an intelligent cloud platform is one-click login (OCL). This simplifies access to firm resources and enhances security. With OCL, employees can access all essential applications and data with just one set of credentials. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and logins. This not only improves user experience but also reduces the risk of password-related security breaches. 

Moreover, OCL enhances security by centralizing access control and authentication processes. Firm administrators can centrally manage access rights. This ensures employees have the appropriate permissions for the specific applications and data they need. 

In case of employee turnover, access rights can be revoked quickly and efficiently. This not only safeguards sensitive information, but it also maintains compliance with regulatory requirements.

Elevate your firm in an intelligent cloud platform 

An intelligent cloud platform represents a significant opportunity for firms in the tax and accounting profession. Backed up by the latest in security, efficiency and intelligence, the intelligent cloud will keep your firm competitive in today’s digital landscape. 

I’ve just scratched the surface on the available features. But even if you only use the automated updates, curated technology stacks and one-click login capabilities, your firm will be able to streamline operations, improve collaboration and effectively protect your most sensitive financial data. 

You can be sure I’ll bring you more information about the intelligent cloud in future Thought Leader issues. (“And everywhere else, too, Darren,” you’re probably saying if you’ve known me for any length of time. Go ahead, it’s fine; I own up to my enthusiasm for this topic.)  

But to get serious for another moment or so, that’s how game-changing I see the intelligent cloud being to our profession. Trust me, I don’t say this lightly. I say this because I believe it, with every fiber of my being: Embracing an intelligent cloud platform isn’t just a technological upgrade. Today, it’s a strategic imperative for success in our profession.

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